One (1) Bedroom Semidetached

NGN 4,000,000  30% down paymentBedrooms : 1Bathrooms : 1
Moniya Ibadan  200132 View MapSize (m2) : 200
Lot (meters) : 18 X 30

AERIE COURT ONIKANKAN, MONIYA, IBADAN Pishon Properties is developing a mini estate called AERIE COURT, Moniya, A one bedroom semi detached apartment under contruction (up to lintel level) sited within our estate, Cityview Gardens in Moniya Ibadan, Oyo State is designed to offer affordable living experience, which blueprint intend to cater for divers’ class of people. INFRASTRUCTURE: Good Road Network Dwarf Fencing Layout Plan Recreation 24Hour Street Light Global C of O Serene and Secure Environment Bore hole Payment Plan: Promo Price: N4,000,000 Down Payment of 30%: N1,200,000 70% balance will be spread over 18 months at cost monthly(N155,000). And at 90% payment key to your apartment will be handed over to you.

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