A tank farm with excellent facilities in Apapa

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A tank farm with excellent facilities in Apapa
Gantry: 6
Loading bay: 6
Water Tank: 1
Electronics system Operation: 24hrs
Piping network, Switching gear Room, Gate house, Laboratory, Fire Hydrant system, Bore Hole and water Treatment plant with one(1) two(2) metric tons water tank and pumps, One(1) oil water separator tank
Sludge tank: 2
Capacity: 40000 metric tons,
Office Complex: 2 story building 3 floor
Land mass: 2 and half acres of Land.

Vacancy possession
Title: C of O.
Advantages of farm Tank:
Private Jetty: (1) with the following details:
11.5metres depth; maximum Length of 186metres, Maximum draft 11 meters, Maximum width 27.5 meters; and Jetty Classification is K1(it is rented out to private vessels when not used), Load 200 trucks of 33000 litters on a daily basses, One of the two farms tanks that has the deepest water in the whole of Apapa. Source of loading to one major marketer in the country.
Yearly turn over: before subsidy removal #4 to #5 billion.

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