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NGN 100,000,000  1,500,000,000
Suite E 230 ikota shopping complex, vgc, lekki  23480 View Map
- Landed properties for sale


1. 45 Hectares of Land at Mawejo, 500K per plot.

2. 5 Acres at Okegelu, 800K per plot

3. 2 Acres facing the Atlantic Ocean at Magbon, 3M

4. 323 Acres at Akodo, 1M per plot

5. 23 Acres with Governor's Consent facing the highway opposite Eko
Tourist Beach Resort, Akodo, 450M asking

6. 15 Acres facing the expressway at Eleko with Governor's Consent,
3.5M per plot

7. 8 Acres with Governor's Consent after Amen Estate, 3.5M

8. 1 Acre facing the Lekki-Epe Expressway before Eleko Junction, 30M

9. 15 Acres behind the Ibeju Lekki secretariat, Igando, 3M per plot

10. 5 Acres facing the Lekki-Epe Expressway at Igando Oloja, 210M

11. 2 Plots, 200meters away from the Lekki-Epe highway by Shapati
adjacent Beechwood Estate, 10M

12. 2 Plots, partly fenced and off the Lakowe Golf Resort Road with
approved Layout, 9M

13. 14 Plots, fully fenced and gated by Reboth Filling Station, facing
the Expressway at Eputu with Governor's Consent, 150M asking

14. 4 single Plots of Land behind Mayfair Gardens at Gbetu from 2M

15. 3 Acres at Aparapaja Casia opposite Eko Akete Estate, Abijo, 2M

16. 1 Plot at Awoyaya, 5M

17. 8.3 Hectares with C of O at Gbetu, 5M per plot

18. 2 Plots, facing the Lekki-Epe Expressway adjacent Farapark Estate, 40M

19. 1100SQM behind KazOil, Sangotedo, fully fenced with Bungalow on
it, facing 2 Streets, 15M

20. 2 Blocks, 4 Units, 3 Bedroom flats sitting on 1350SQM, fully
fenced and gated, opposite Safeway Hospital, Sangotedo. 45M per Block.

21. 50 Acres behind the Monastry, Sangotedo, 2M per plot

22. 1 Acre beside Splash by Sangotedo, facing the Lekki-Epe
Expressway, fully fenced and gated. 150M

23. 1 Acre, fully fenced and gated, facing the highway by University
View Estate, opposite LBS, Alasia, 200M

24. 14 Plots, fenced with Wire Gauze with Certificate of Occupancy and
Governor's Consent, facing the highway, adjacent LBS, Alasia, 280M

25. 20 Acres facing the highway, opposite General Paints, sharing
fence with Lekki Gardens II with Certificate of Occupancy and
Governor's Consent, 4.2 Billion

26. 25 Acres behind LBS, opposite Lekki Gardens III, 5M per plot

27. 2 Acres, fully fenced at Okun Ajah, 5M per plot

28. 1 Acre at '10 Family' behind Eastline Complex, opposite Abraham
Adesanya, 10M per plot

29. 2500SQM at Royal Palmwill Estate, Badore Road, Ajah, fully fenced,
gated with an option of retaining the Fish Farm structures on it, 50M

30. 669SQM fully fenced Cornerpiece plot at Royal Palmwill Estate,
Badore Road, Ajah, 15M

31. 669SQM, fully fenced and gated with Governor's Consent at Ikota
Villa Estate, 23M

32. 2 Plots on Orchid Hotel Road by the Chevron toll gate, 22M per plot

33. 10 Acres behind Chevron with Certificate of Occupancy, 35M per plot

34. 669SQM on 2010 Road, Chevy View Estate, Chevron Drive, 60M

35. 2400SQM by Lekki Central Mosque with Certificate of Occupancy, 250M

36. 600SQM at J2, Banana Island, 150M

37. 1500SQM Land facing the Express by Ado Roundabout, 50M

38. 1000SQM at Peanock Beach Estate, 70M

39. 600SQM at Idado, 40M

40. 4 Plots behind Ruby Gardens by Oando, Ikate, 250M asking

41. Newly built, Spanish finished 5 Bedroom, fully detached Duplex
with 1 Room BQ on an interlocked Road in Chevy View Estate, 60M

42. Newly built, classically finished 5 Bedroom fully detached Duplex
with 1 Room BQ at Ikota Villa Estate, 55M

43. Newly built, nicely finished 4 Bedroom semi-detached Duplex with 1
Room BQ on an interlocked Road in Chevy View Estate, 45M

44. Newly built, well finished 5 Bedroom fully detached Duplex with a
Penthouse and 1 Room BQ on an interlocked Road in Chevy View Estate,

45. Newly built 4 Bedroom semi detached duplex with 1 Room BQ at Pearl
Garden, 40M asking

46. 4 Bedroom Bungalow at Napier Garden, 55M

47. Newly built 5 Bedroom fully detached Duplex with 1 Room BQ on an
interlocked Road at Lekki Phase1, 140M

48. 3 Bedroom Carcass Bungalow with final Letter of Allocation at
Abraham Adesanya Estate, 15M

49. Newly built 5 Bedroom fully detached Duplex with 1 Room BQ at
Lekki RHS, 120M

50. Newly built, well finished 5 Bedroom fully detached Duplex with 1
Room BQ at Ikota Villa Estate, 50M

51. 50 Hectares at Oko Abe, 4th Mainland Bridge take off point (An
Island), 500K per plot.

52. 20 Acres at Idi Ori via Elerangbe, 400K

53. 25 Acres at Onigbedu by Ibeju township, 1.5M per plot

54. 10 Acres at Tomu, Epe (An Island), 1M per plot

55. 50 Acres by MOCOPED, Mojoda-Epe, 1M per plot

56. 8 Acres behind Oando Filling Station adjacent Oluwanishola House,
Ikota with Global Certificate of Occupancy, 8M per plot

57. 15 Plots opposite Total Filling Station between SPG and Globe
Motors, facing the Lekki-Epe Expressway with Certificate of Occupancy,
Agungi, 800M

58. 2 Plots facing the Lekki-Epe Expressway adjacent Zenith Bank Osapa
and also facing the back Street, 105M

59. 1500SQM, fenced and gated, facing 2 Streets and also facing Skye
Bank, Osapa, 100M

60. 1000SQM at Seagate Estate beside NICON town, ...

1. 6 Acres (2 Hectares+) opposite General Paints by Lekki Gardens II,
20M per plot.

2. 1 Hectare adjacent (almost opposite) LBS, 300M.

3. 1 Acre opposite NIPCO filling station, Olokonla, 150M.

4. 1 Acre opposite Abijo GRA, 90M.

5. 1 Hectare, fully fenced and gated at Eputu, 200M.

6. 1 Acre at Lakowe, fully fenced and gated, 120M.

7. 9 Hectares with Consent at Shapati, adjacent Beechwood Estate, 7M
per plot NET.

8. 2 Hectares at Igando, 6M per plot NET.

9. 1 Acre at Baba Adisa, fully fenced and gated, 30M.

10. 30 Hectares with C of O at Ibeju, 5M per plot.

11. 5 Acres (NFE) fenced and gated at Elerangbe, 3M per plot.

12. 8 Acres at inner Eleko with Consent, 4M per plot.

13. 5 Acres (NFE) at Orimedu, 2M per plot.

14. 363 Acres (NFE) at Akodo, 1.5M per plot.

15. 16 Acres with Consent at Idasho, 3M per plot.

16. 10 Acres at Idotun, 1.5M per plot.

17. 15 Hectares at Oba Oriresi, 1.2M per plot.

18. 23 Acres at Okegun, 1M per plot.

19. 9 Hectares with Consent opposite Eko Tourist Hotel, Akodo, 3M per plot.

20. 53 Hectares at Mawejo, 750K per plot.

21. 2 Acres at Temu, Epe, 1M per plot.

22. 20 Acres by MOCOPED, Odoragunshin, Epe, 800K per plot.

23. 28 Acres at Papa, Epe, 700K per plot.

24. 5 Acres at Odo nla, Epe. 500K per plot.

25. 20 Acres at Oko Abe, Epe. 500K per plot.

26. 17,000sqm with Consent between Presbitarian Church and VGC 800M.

27. 1 Hectare with Consent opposite Total Filling station Agungi, 850M.

28. 2 Plots opposite Zenith Bank, Osapa. 110M

29. 1074sqm opposite Skye Bank, Osapa, 105M.

30. 100 Acres (EIB) with C of O at Awoyaya, 10Billion asking.

31. 1 Plot beside UBA, Igbo Efon, 60M.

32. 3000sqm between Addax Petroleum and Oriental Hotel with
reclamation approval. N700M

For more info: call Oyewole Busayo Raphael on 2348068964703, 08110094839

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