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Valentine Sale - Best Affordable Land Deal

You are currently looking at one of the best real estate land deals right now. Here are reasons why;

1. All our lands are dry, and have good soil.

2. Our organization and estates are duly registered. We have good land titles, so no issues with ownership whatsoever.

3. Development can begin immediately after purchase.

4. Our estates are set to increase in value monthly, turning your hundreds of thousands of naira into millions of naira in a very short time.

5. Very serene environment. Our lands are by the waterside.

6. We provide all the expected estate amenities, which include;
a. Electricity.
b. Good roads.
c. Security, etc.

7. Best of all, our prices are super affordable, from #600,000 for a standard plot.

8. And many more...

So what are you waiting for? Buy a piece of land today, and watch your land double in value by this time next year.

Call/Text/WhatsApp me on: 07034328269
for enquiries or purchase.

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